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parker guitarsImage by Lord Diagram via FlickrParker Fly Select Series Fly Artist Vibrato Electric Guitar (Butterscotch)Parker Fly Select Series Fly Artist Vibrato Electric Guitar (Butterscotch)

kagum ama dewa budjana? here is his parker guitar defined.
Parker Guitars is a manufacturer of lightweight modern electric guitars and electric basses, founded by Ken Parker in the early 90s. Ken Parker began in a workshop in Rochester, New York, where he developed electric guitars, which sell themselves clearly from the previous design electric guitars.
Differences between his electric guitar and other include:
-Thin, lightweight guitars that are usually made of lighter wood
-Use of composite materials in the body and the fingerboard, such as carbon fiber (in contrast to the usual wood guitar)
-Use of electric and piezo pickups with active electronics
-ergonomic body design
-Adjustable, lockbare bridge
In 2004 the company was on the U.S. Music Corp (Washburn), based in Illinois sold. A series of models with cheap guitars are manufactured in Asia. Ken Parker is still the company as consultants. Since 2002, the Parker Fly Bass produced in 4 - and 5-string versions. These instruments are also well balanced and easy. As with the electric guitar, the magnetic and piezoelectric pickups are mixed by blending. Since 2007, Parker and build electro-acoustic guitars.
(referensi buat temenku nun jauh disana yang tau nya cuman ibanez aja..gila aja lo kalo gak tau gitar ini!)
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